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What many people don’t realize is that cooking is hard work. It doesn’t matter who you are—cooking is more often a marathon than a sprint. It can be exhausting work to make that classic fettuccini alfredo dish or trying out that new beef goulash recipe. Standing and working on a hard kitchen floor for hours can take a toll on your joints, back, and legs. In the short term, this can cause discomfort that can affect productivity and safety. In the long term, however, physical fatigue in these areas can lead to more serious health problems. When cooking in your home kitchen area, it is imperative that you stay as comfortable as possible, and that is where we come in.

Combat physical fatigue with rubber chef mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts! These rubber cooking mats offer incredible anti-fatigue cushioning and slip-resistance so that you can work hard for your customers or family in relative safety and comfort. Some of them are also made from eco-friendly recycled rubber materials, giving you the opportunity to acquire a superior comfort and durability at an affordable price.

A comfort mat has many great qualities, but rubber’s natural elasticity is the key component when applied for use in chef mats. The rubber in our cooking mats is flexible and shock absorbent, so our chef mats provide much-needed joint protection, cushioning, and physical support. The primary areas of concern when it comes to physical fatigue are the feet, ankles, and lower back. Over prolonged periods of time, these areas tend to become uncomfortable. Continue Reading Below

Pressure begins to slowly accumulate in the joints and soles of the feet, eventually spreading upwards into the ankles and the lower back. This physical discomfort, also called fatigue, can end up putting you in severe pain and distracting your attention from the cooking tasks at hand. Standing on comfortable rubber chef mats, as opposed to a tile or linoleum floor, will help you focus on your recipes, rather than your aching back!

Rubber cooking mats also serve as excellent safety precautions for slippery kitchen floors. The floors of a kitchen are often susceptible to the presence of loose liquids. It is often the case that they can be covered with liquids such as water, grease, and oil. Made from a water-resistant material, our rubber chef mats are available in oil and grease resistant varieties that help to avoid any potentially hazardous situations these liquids can cause. Water, grease, and cooking oils are the primary liquids to watch out for in a kitchen. Water is the easy one to handle because rubber in general is very water resistant. Rubber chef mats can maintain slip-resistant qualities when exposed to water. Better yet, it prevents the unwanted development of moisture related byproducts like mold and mildew for a cleaner and healthier kitchen. However, cooking oils and greases are the more problematic liquids in kitchen areas. For these factors, we offer cooking mats that are made from nitrile rubber. Nitrile is a synthetic elastomer that is best used in applications that involve various types of oils and greases. Chef mats made of nitrile will be able to resist damage from the cooking oils and greases that it comes into contact with, while also providing the same great comfort qualities of their natural and recycled rubber counterparts. If your cooking involves a lot of oils, get a comfort mat made from nitrile rubber.

Some of our mats also feature large drainage holes that allow liquids to seep through the surface of the mat and drain away from slick kitchen floors. This helps keep the surface of the chef mats cleaner and safer for you to be on top of. They also bring the benefit of draining through small solid particles. Keep your floor dry and slip-free during the lunch rush with an anti-slip rubber comfort mat.

Although rubber cooking mats help to keep you protected against slippery floors, they can keep you safe and balanced on the surface of the mat. In some instances, people can slip and fall even on dry floors due to a misplaced foot. Rubber can prevent this from happening because it comes with a high degree of friction. The rubber material of chef mats give you more foot traction, allowing you to move more freely on a comfort mat without worrying about losing your footing.

With these great benefits in mind, there is no reason not to get rubber chef mats. They will help to keep your kitchen safe, your meals fun, and your body relaxed and moving freely with comfortable rubber chef mats. Call a Rubber Flooring Expert for assistance, or browse our bestselling mats today!