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It doesn’t matter who you are—cooking is more often a marathon than a sprint. Standing and working on a hard kitchen floor for hours can take a toll on your joints, back, and legs. Combat physical fatigue with rubber chef mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts! These rubber cooking mats offer incredible anti-fatigue cushioning and slip-resistance so that you can work hard for your customers or family in relative safety and comfort.

A comfort mat has many great qualities, but rubber’s natural elasticity is the key component. Rubber is flexible and shock absorbent so our chef mats provide much-needed joint protection, cushioning, and physical support. Standing on a rubber mat, as opposed to a tile or linoleum floor, will help you focus on your recipes, rather than your back!

Rubber cooking mats also serve as excellent safety precautions for slippery kitchen floors that can be covered with things like water, grease, and oil. Made from a water-resistant material, our natural and Nitrile rubber chef mats are available in oil and grease resistant varieties that help to avoid any potentially hazardous situations these liquids can cause. Some of our mats also feature large drainage holes that allow liquids to seep through the surface of the mat and drain away from slick kitchen floors. Keep your floor dry and slip-free during the lunch rush with an anti-slip rubber comfort mat from the Rubber Flooring Experts!

Keep your kitchen safe, your meals fun, and your body relaxed and moving freely with comfortable rubber chef mats. Call a Rubber Flooring Expert for assistance, or browse our bestselling mats today!

Rubber is naturally elastic and flexible so it provides a great protective surface for home entryways, garages, patios, and other residential areas. When a rubber home garage floor mat is installed under heavy home gym equipment or storage units it can protect a concrete garage floor from damage while still keeping equipment safe from hard floors.

Our home rubber flooring is also designed as an easy to install product. Residential rubber flooring is available in interlocking floor tiles or custom-cut rolls. This limits waste during the installation process. By making the installation process simpler, our rubber flooring is a cost-effective “Do-It-Yourself” flooring option. Find the residential rubber flooring that will fit and protect your home for years to come. Contact a Rubber Flooring Expert by phone or email, or browse our top-selling products today!