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Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal Store, is America’s premier authority for all of your rubber surfacing needs. We carry a vast assortment of rubber floors, including: interlocking mats, rubber tiles, doormats, outdoor rubber flooring, gym mats, non-slip flooring, industrial flooring, and heavy-duty mats. We stock a vast inventory of styles, gauges, colors, and sizes to suit all of your rubber flooring needs. And because we ship every product we sell, this allows us to fulfill most orders timely and efficiently. Even custom-cut mats will ship faster than anyone else in the industry and at very affordable rates! We are not a fly-by-night internet storefront. Committed to excellent pre and post purchase customer care, we offer warranties on all our products. We do in-house quality control to ensure customer satisfaction, and ship every order in a timely fashion. Not only are we experts in rubber floors, we also carry a large inventory of commercial and military grade sheet rubber products used by America’s fortune 500 firms.

We have been a trusted source since 1994, specializing in rubber mats and rubber flooring for homes, exercise facilities, rubber for playgrounds, commercial applications, and industrial use. From supple and comfortable rubber garage flooring to harder heavy-duty mats, we offer a complete line of resilient, durable, and affordable floors. Since we deeply care about our community, we make every effort to promote and offer products made with sustainable rubber materials such as post-consumer recycled, reclaimed rubber, and natural rubber sap from the “Para” rubber trees. Recycled material isn’t just ecologically friendly; it’s also a lot easier on the pocketbook allowing for more reasonable production costs to be passed down directly to consumers in the way of affordable products. We do our best to serve as an example to our community in order to show just how rewarding it is to be an eco-conscious business.

As Rubber Flooring Experts, we guarantee you’ll receive a superior level of customer service with every call, e-mail, purchase, or inquiry. While our site is designed to be easily accessible and to address your every need, we are also more than happy to take the time to speak with you personally. We understand that picking the right flooring option or your unique needs can be a tedious and difficult process, especially with so many available choices. But we’re here to help! Our product specialists are thoroughly trained in regards to the flooring options we carry and are happy to offer their extensive knowledge on rubber flooring applications. They are fully prepared to evaluate your project or application and recommend an assortment of options for your needs. Whether you are building a dog kennel, installing a new treadmill, or flooring an outdoor play-area, we are here to give your project a durable, supportive, and strong foundation to stand on!

Explore our extensive selection of rubber mats, bathroom flooring, safety mats, and rubber gym flooring! With a variety of products that all range in colors, designs, materials, and sizes, we are certain that you’ll find the solution to any and all of your flooring needs. And if you require assistance of any sort, feel free to contact one of our Rubber Flooring Experts for assistance today.

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What’s New in February

2016 is going by pretty fast already because February is already here! February is the time to start getting busy in earnest because the holiday hangovers of January should have worn off by now. If you have a need for rubber floor coverings this February, then the Rubber Flooring Experts are here to help. Whether you need a rubber flooring roll for an outdoor walkway, interlocking rubber tiles for a personal fitness studio, or even rubber stair treads for home, we have just the right products in our lineup. Also consider the fact that Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is just around the corner. If you are stuck on gift ideas for that special day, try thinking outside the box and look through some of our mats. Instead of the tired old flowers and chocolates, new mats and floors for your significant other can show that you really put in a lot of time on them. So look through our inventory this month for the best deals on the highest quality rubber products!

Corrugated Fine Rib: This rubber flooring roll is now available to you at a 15% discount during February. Perfect for use on outdoor walkways, this runner mat has a surface that is composed of fine narrow corrugations that serve to improve traction and scrape dirt at the same time. People walking on this ribbed rubber mat will experience much better traction, even in wet conditions. It is available in both 36” and 48” widths, while the length can be customized by the linear foot up to 50ft per roll. These rubber floor coverings are very popular for use as anti-slip protection on walkways, corridors, studios, construction sites, and concert venues.

Revolution Diamond-Plate: If you are converting a garage or basement into a home gym or workshop, these interlocking rubber tiles are a great surfacing option because they are available at a 15% discount all month long. Sized at 3ft x 3ft per tile, these interlocking mats bring comfort and durability in one easy-to-install package. The surface of each mat is composed of a diamond-plate design that gives the floor an air of rugged industrial durability and an improved anti-slip surface. This is partly why they are so perfect for physically demanding applications such as gyms. They also provide a more elastic and comfortable surface to stand on thanks to the air pockets underneath each tile. These interlocking rubber tiles also come with male and female end pieces to provide a more complete look with beveled edges.

New Amsterdam Rubber Stair Mats: Available at a 10% discount this February, these rubber stair treads for home stairways are a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. These mats are not bland industrial products meant only for function. They are graced with an aesthetic value that makes them a great decorative boon to any household. Your significant other will appreciate the elegant design of this rubber stair mat, but they will appreciate their safety features even more. Since these are made of natural and reclaimed rubber materials, they possess an inherent level of anti-slip safety. The chances of a slip-and-fall accident are significantly reduced with these traction enhancing stair treads in place.

January 2016 updates

Here at Rubber Flooring Experts, we are excited that the new year is finally upon us! This is the time to make brand new resolutions and hopefully to see them carried through. We really want to help get your 2016 off to a good start with great rubber flooring options for home and commercial use. If there was an unfortunate accident on your staircase this past year and you want to make the area safer for 2016, consider our line of rubber safety stair tread products. Or if you really want to get in shape, start your new gym off with interlocking gym tiles made of rubber. In addition to our great rates, we also offer free shipping on order over $499, how’s that for a New Year present?

“Elephant Bark 5mm” Rubber Flooring: If you have been looking for a high quality and dependable rubber flooring roll made from American recycled rubber content, then look no further. The 5mm thick “Elephant Bark” is available at a 10% discount this January. It can be used in a wide variety of different settings, from gyms and garages to commercial stores and studio settings. Overall, it is a very versatile and adaptable rubber surfacing solution. Available in 4ft widths and lengths of up to 50ft long per roll, installation of these rubber floor coverings is as simple as rolling them out and using double-sided adhesive tape (sold separately) to keep them from moving. In addition to the standard black color, it is available in several different eye-catching speckle color options such as “Candy Corn” and “Blue Steel”. Be sure to take advantage of free shipping on this product if your order totals over $499!

“Zcycle” Interlocking Rubber Tile: If you want to go with interlocking rubber mats instead of a rubber flooring roll, then take a closer look at the “Zcycle” interlocking tiles, which are available this month at a 10% discount. These affordable and eco-friendly mats are popular for use as gym tiles in home and commercial gyms. Each mat is 3/8” thick and sized at 28.5” x 28.5”. Thanks to this larger size, these mats are good for use as rubber floor coverings for larger areas. You can place heavy equipment on these tiles and perform high intensity physical workouts without worrying about immediate damage to this rubber surfacing. Ask a customer service representative about this product’s free shipping offer if your order is more than $499.

“Diamond-Grip” Rubber Stair Tread: It would be horrible to start 2016 with either you or a friend suffering from a terrible slip and fall accident on a set of stairs. You can avoid such instances with rubber steps installed over your stairs. Steps made from wood, stone, or cement can be slippery, especially when wet. Rubber, on the other hand, does not suffer from that problem. Even in wet conditions it can provide a great surface for traction. This is the reason why safety stair treads are made from rubber. This set, available in a pack of six, is designed with an industrial style diamond-plate pattern that is designed to improve grip for the feet moving over the surfaces of the mats. This product is 10% off this month and available for free shipping.

December 2015 updates

This year is coming to an end really soon. If you have put off a flooring related project for a good while, now is the time to get it finished. After all, you deserve a relaxing holiday season. To help you finish off your flooring projects this year, the Rubber Flooring Experts are offering excellent rubber matting products and commercial doormats at special rates! These products are perfect for December. Better yet, all orders over $499 qualify for our free shipping promotion; so don’t forget to place your order over the phone with one of our expert representatives!

Ultra Scraper Door Mat: You may have a need for high quality scraper mats to help keep your home or business areas clean this winter, so look no further than the “Ultra Scraper” mat. It is 15% off during December. This reclaimed/recycled rubber mat is designed with a surface texture that is meant to scrape away troublesome issues like dirt and mud. However, this rubber matting also comes with a bonus feature: drainage holes. These holes are located all along its body to help facilitate the efficient drainage of excess liquids. This will help keep the surface of the mat cleaner and safer for those standing on top of it. Be sure to add this eco-friendly outside rubber matting to your home as soon as you can for the winter month.

Corrugated Ramp Cleat Runner Mats: Available at 15% off, this outside rubber matting is perfect for staying safe during the cold and wet winter months. A rubber surface is much safer to traverse compared to a wood or concrete surface. This is double true when moisture is involved. These rubber runners have finely spaced ridges that run perpendicular to the length of the anti-slip mats, which boosts the amount of grip on ramps. With an increased grip on the surface of this flooring comes a decreased risk of slip and fall accidents, keeping walkways safe. If that wasn’t enough, the ribs also function to scrape the soles of shoes free from foreign matter, keeping indoor floors looking pristine year-round.

ZCycle Interlocking Tiles: December is the best time to insulate cold uncovered floors with a new rubber surface! This interlocking rubber tile is a great way to get that looming flooring project in your home/business finished. You can get it at an extra 10% discount this month. It is very easy to install, so it can make a quick and efficient DIY project. These tough rubber tiles are great for both home gyms and recreation rooms alike.