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Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal Store, is America’s premier authority for all of your rubber surfacing needs. We carry a vast assortment of rubber floors, including: interlocking mats, rubber tiles, doormats, outdoor rubber flooring, gym mats, non-slip flooring, industrial flooring, and heavy-duty mats. We stock a vast inventory of styles, gauges, colors, and sizes to suit all of your rubber flooring needs. And because we ship every product we sell, this allows us to fulfill most orders timely and efficiently. Even custom-cut mats will ship faster than anyone else in the industry and at very affordable rates! We are not a fly-by-night internet storefront. Committed to excellent pre and post purchase customer care, we offer warranties on all our products. We do in-house quality control to ensure customer satisfaction, and ship every order in a timely fashion. Not only are we experts in rubber floors, we also carry a large inventory of commercial and military grade sheet rubber products used by America’s fortune 500 firms.

We have been a trusted source since 1994, specializing in rubber mats and rubber flooring for homes, exercise facilities, rubber for playgrounds, commercial applications, and industrial use. From supple and comfortable rubber garage flooring to harder heavy-duty mats, we offer a complete line of resilient, durable, and affordable floors. Since we deeply care about our community, we make every effort to promote and offer products made with sustainable rubber materials such as post-consumer recycled, reclaimed rubber, and natural rubber sap from the “Para” rubber trees. Recycled material isn’t just ecologically friendly; it’s also a lot easier on the pocketbook allowing for more reasonable production costs to be passed down directly to consumers in the way of affordable products. We do our best to serve as an example to our community in order to show just how rewarding it is to be an eco-conscious business.

As Rubber Flooring Experts, we guarantee you’ll receive a superior level of customer service with every call, e-mail, purchase, or inquiry. While our site is designed to be easily accessible and to address your every need, we are also more than happy to take the time to speak with you personally. We understand that picking the right flooring option or your unique needs can be a tedious and difficult process, especially with so many available choices. But we’re here to help! Our product specialists are thoroughly trained in regards to the flooring options we carry and are happy to offer their extensive knowledge on rubber flooring applications. They are fully prepared to evaluate your project or application and recommend an assortment of options for your needs. Whether you are building a dog kennel, installing a new treadmill, or flooring an outdoor play-area, we are here to give your project a durable, supportive, and strong foundation to stand on!

Explore our extensive selection of rubber mats, bathroom flooring, safety mats, and rubber gym flooring! With a variety of products that all range in colors, designs, materials, and sizes, we are certain that you’ll find the solution to any and all of your flooring needs. And if you require assistance of any sort, feel free to contact one of our Rubber Flooring Experts for assistance today.

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What’s New in August

The Rubber Flooring Experts would like to welcome you to August! During this month, we have exciting deals on commercial rubber flooring products. They can be used as playground surfacing, as flooring for a gym, or as general purpose flooring rubber for a whole variety of different venues! These flooring products are perfect for helping you enjoy your summer activity. We can also help you save some money for other types of summer fun thanks to our offer of free shipping on orders over $499.

“Revolution” Interlocking Floor Tiles: This product is truly a revolutionary marvel. They are interlocking tiles that are 3ft x 3ft each. Installing them is a very easy process as each tile is designed to snap into the other. They are perfect for use as gym flooring mats. Many people tend to use it not only as flooring for a gym, but also as anti-fatige mats, basement flooring, industrial workshop flooring, and more! It is made using both natural and recycled rubbers, making it a durable and affordable eco-friendly flooring product.

Eco-Sport ¾” Interlocking Rubber Tiles: These ¾” flooring rubber tiles are very versatile and well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The “Eco-Sport” tiles are made of recycled rubber content, making them eco-friendly and affordable. These are ideal for use as a ground cover for playgrounds or as gym flooring mats. Installing them is a very easy process because they come with interlocking pins. The installation process for these tiles makes for an enjoyable DIY project.

“Elephant Bark” Rolled Rubber Flooring: Very affordable and very durable, this eco-friendly flooring rubber is among one of our most popular and versatile products. This commercial rubber flooring can perform excellently in a wide variety of different applications. If you are setting up a home gym, these rubber rolls will serve as great flooring for a gym. If you want protective surfacing in your basement floors, this durable and moisture-resistant rubber will do the job.

July 2014 updates

Let the Rubber Flooring Experts help you celebrate in style and safety this July! We have excellent protection mats for existing surfaces of stairs, gyms, garages, kitchens, and more. Our products can help make your 4th of July much more comfortable. We can also save you some money thanks to our offer of free shipping on orders that exceed $499.

Revolution Diamond Plate Tiles: As revolutionary to the world of fitness as the Revolutionary War was to our country, this product is one of our premier exercise floor tiles. Made of durable natural and reclaimed rubber materials, each 5/8” thick tile is sized at 3ft x 3ft, providing you with enough material to cover larger areas more efficiently. These diamond plate rubber tiles feature an industrial type surface design that increases traction for any feet in motion on top of them. These are tough protection mats that will give your home or commercial gym area a rugged look.

Stars Stair Mats: Although they may lack stripes, these star patterned non-slip treads are the perfect item to place on your staircases. They can be placed on outdoor and indoor staircases. The rubber material in these stair treads is what makes them so safe. Rubber naturally increases the traction enjoyed by feet as they walk across the material. These treads will keep you and your guests safe this 4th of July!

Eco-Sport 1” Rubber Tiles: People have a lot more time to go to the gym during the summer. If they don’t have the time, they usually make the time to do so. Our 1” thick Eco-Sport exercise floor tiles are easy to install interlocking products that can save time, money, and sweat. They are thick enough to handle the weight of heavy equipment and the repeated physical impact of various workout routines. The tiles provide some of the best available protection for existing flooring like wood, tile, and concrete.

June 2014 updates

May has gone by and June has arrived. This month is best known for Father’s Day. We all know that dads love their private man caves, so help them improve their sanctuaries with some quality protective rubber flooring mats. Our line of flooring products can be used in places like gyms, garages, basements, game rooms, and much more! Dad will also appreciate that our products are easy to install, especially the interlocking tiles. Another important day in June is World Environment Day. A core philosophy for the Rubber Flooring Experts is a desire to care for and preserve the planet. We do our part by offering products like exercise equipment mats and anti-slip mats made from eco-friendly natural and recycled rubbers. Check out our great June offers and remember that orders over $499 qualify for free shipping!

“Z-Cycle” Interlocking Rubber Tile: These modular flooring tiles are affordable and easy to install flooring items that feature great durability. They are great for use in a variety of places such as gyms, studios, basements, garages, and factories. These interlocking tiles feature unique modular edges that are meant to fit into each other with ease. This feature makes these flooring tiles a very easy DIY project. The “Z-Cycle” tiles will make a great Father’s Day gift for your dad’s man cave.

“Maxx-Tuff” Heavy-Duty Mats: Some areas and tasks may require a bit more from your rubber flooring mats. That is where our “Maxx-Tuff” heavy-duty rubber mats come in. At 1/2” thick, these mats serve as excellent exercise equipment mats. In addition to eco-friendly reclaimed rubber, these mats also contain styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) for added durability in the presence of heavy physical impacts. These mats will also help keep you safe and balanced on your feet thanks to the honeycomb surface pattern it comes with. This surface texture provides feet with an enhanced level of traction, making them function as strong anti-slip mats. Make sure to have one of these heavy-duty rubber mats in place to protect your existing gym floors!

“Safe-Grip” Anti-Slip Rubber Matting: Some areas call for increased safety. These traction enhancing rubber flooring mats are great for using in wet areas, regardless if the venue is residential, commercial, or industrial. They come with a specially designed surface texture that is meant to provide more grip and traction for the feet on top of them. As an added safety bonus, they feature small drainage holes on their corners that can help drain through unwanted excess liquids. Made using natural rubber, these anti-slip mats are an eco-friendly safety choice that is hard to beat.