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Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal Store, is America’s premier authority for all of your rubber surfacing needs. We carry a vast assortment of rubber floors, including: interlocking mats, rubber tiles, doormats, outdoor rubber flooring, gym mats, non-slip flooring, industrial flooring, and heavy-duty mats. We stock a vast inventory of styles, gauges, colors, and sizes to suit all of your rubber flooring needs. And because we ship every product we sell, this allows us to fulfill most orders timely and efficiently. Even custom-cut mats will ship faster than anyone else in the industry and at very affordable rates! We are not a fly-by-night internet storefront. Committed to excellent pre and post purchase customer care, we offer warranties on all our products. We do in-house quality control to ensure customer satisfaction, and ship every order in a timely fashion. Not only are we experts in rubber floors, we also carry a large inventory of commercial and military grade sheet rubber products used by America’s fortune 500 firms.

We have been a trusted source since 1994, specializing in rubber mats and rubber flooring for homes, exercise facilities, rubber for playgrounds, commercial applications, and industrial use. From supple and comfortable rubber garage flooring to harder heavy-duty mats, we offer a complete line of resilient, durable, and affordable floors. Since we deeply care about our community, we make every effort to promote and offer products made with sustainable rubber materials such as post-consumer recycled, reclaimed rubber, and natural rubber sap from the “Para” rubber trees. Recycled material isn’t just ecologically friendly; it’s also a lot easier on the pocketbook allowing for more reasonable production costs to be passed down directly to consumers in the way of affordable products. We do our best to serve as an example to our community in order to show just how rewarding it is to be an eco-conscious business.

As Rubber Flooring Experts, we guarantee you’ll receive a superior level of customer service with every call, e-mail, purchase, or inquiry. While our site is designed to be easily accessible and to address your every need, we are also more than happy to take the time to speak with you personally. We understand that picking the right flooring option or your unique needs can be a tedious and difficult process, especially with so many available choices. But we’re here to help! Our product specialists are thoroughly trained in regards to the flooring options we carry and are happy to offer their extensive knowledge on rubber flooring applications. They are fully prepared to evaluate your project or application and recommend an assortment of options for your needs. Whether you are building a dog kennel, installing a new treadmill, or flooring an outdoor play-area, we are here to give your project a durable, supportive, and strong foundation to stand on!

Explore our extensive selection of rubber mats, bathroom flooring, safety mats, and rubber gym flooring! With a variety of products that all range in colors, designs, materials, and sizes, we are certain that you’ll find the solution to any and all of your flooring needs. And if you require assistance of any sort, feel free to contact one of our Rubber Flooring Experts for assistance today.

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What’s New in March

March is here and that means spring is on it’s way. It is the perfect time to get a project finished or even upgraded before summer starts. Summer may seem miles away if you are in the freezing East Coast right now, but it is a great time to invest in a heavy-duty rubber mat to keep your snow equipment on or a new kitchen mat to keep your feet warmer and more comfortable while cooking. For this month, our kitchen comfort, stair mats, and heavy-duty rubber mats are available at discounted prices, so be sure to take advantage of these great deals!

Shark Tooth Heavy-Duty Floor Mat: Currently 10% off this month, our “Shark Tooth” rubber mats combine the best qualities of protective rubber flooring with eco-friendly benefits. This is The heavy-duty rubber mat of rubber mats. These mats are made of recycled rubber, which benefits consumers by offering a very durable product at an affordable price. The thick rubber material of these mats makes them ideal for use in gyms as exercise floor mats. At 3/4” thick each, these floor mats can withstand the wear and tear of heavy weights that would normally damage base flooring.

Grip-Tight Stair Mats: Available at 15% discount for March. Stairs and steps can be hazardous areas to traverse over, especially when they are wet. Available in a 10.25” x 29.875” size, the Grip-Tight rubber stair treads are perfect for any-sized set of stairs, whether it is in residential, commercial, or industrial areas. The 1/8-inch thick tread will prevent stairways from damages such as scratches or cracking. Made from eco-friendly materials, this tread is a superb choice for eco-conscious consumers, as well as consumers looking for a long-lasting product.

Dura-Chef ½” Rubber Comfort Mats: 30% off during March! For those of you out there who love to concoct new dishes in your kitchen, these 1/2” thick rubber drainage mats are the perfect floor mats to have around. They feature circular holes across their surface that allows for liquids to pass through without building up on the mat’s surface. In addition to keeping things clean, these anti-fatigue kitchen mats are made of soft but durable natural rubber. When standing around in your kitchen, comfort should be a priority. These protective rubber mats ease the fatigue tension in your ankles and soles.

February 2015 updated

The first month of the year has officially ended and now we can say hello to February! This is the month of Valentine’s Day. On this special day meant for spending quality time with your significant other, go the extra mile to give them an unexpected gift. It can make this year’s Valentine’s Day stand out as a success. For this reason and many others, the Rubber Flooring Experts are offering select rubber flooring items at special rates. If you need a rubber drainage mat for a wet area or new rubber flooring for gym areas, take a look at what we have to offer!

Ultra Scraper: With a unique wave design surface and great traction qualities, the “Ultra Scraper” commercial doormats offer you a cost-effective way of keeping your interior floors protected. These function as a rubber drainage mat thanks to the small holes on its body that allow water to travel through the material and prevent moisture from soiling your indoor area. This product’s textured waved surface works to remove grime from shoes.

Flowers Stair Mats: These non-slip mats for staircases can make for an excellent gift. They are designed with an elegant aesthetic style that is meant to evoke images of Victorian wrought iron casting designs. More importantly, however, is their ability to improve traction and safety on stairways. Since these are the most risky areas of the home, it is wise to take proactive measures to prevent high-risk slip and fall accidents from occurring. Besides, these non-slip mats will make your staircases look great! This product is 15% off in February.

Zcycle Interlocking Tiles: These interlocking gym mats are the perfect solution for your new fitness area and discounted 10% to help cushion your budget. Whether it is a proper commercial gym or a newly converted room in your home, these tough rubber mats will be able to protect your existing floors from serious harm. Rubber flooring for gym areas tend to be favored for their ability to withstand abrasions from heavy physical objects. The unique part about this flooring solution is that it is very easy to install. Interlocking gym mats are designed for a fast and easy DIY installation process.

January 2015 updates

At long last, the new year is finally upon us! This is the time to make brand new resolutions and hopefully to see them carried through. The Rubber Flooring Experts want to help get your 2015 off to a good start with great rubber flooring options for home and commercial use. If there was an unfortunate accident on your staircase this past year and you want to make the area safer for 2015, consider our line of rubber safety stair tread products. Or if you really want to get in shape, start your new gym off with interlocking gym tiles made of rubber. In addition to our great rates, we also offer free shipping on order over $499,how’s that for a New Year present?

“Safety First” Rubber Stair Mats: Stairways tend to be the more dangerous spots in homes and businesses. Slip and fall accidents happen every year and can even be fatal at times. The Rubber Flooring Experts want to help you make your stairs as safe as possible with the use of these anti-slip rubber steps. The “Safety First” treads live up to their name thanks to their traction enhancing surface textures. The texture of each safety stair tread provides both ascending and descending feet a level of grip that is far superior to uncovered steps.

“Armor Lock (Fitness)” Interlocking Tile: Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape and stay healthy, in which case the Rubber Flooring Experts are the perfect ally to have in your corner. The “Armor Lock (Fitness)” gym tiles make great rubber floor coverings for workout areas. The installation process for these tiles is very easy because they lock into each other. The DIY nature of this product allows you to enjoy a fun and easy project while sparing you from having to hire professional contractors. Made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials, these sports surfaces are durable enough to handle the most physically intensive workouts out there.

“Elephant Bark 5mm” Rubber Flooring: If you have been looking for a high quality and dependable rubber flooring roll made from American recycled rubber content, then look no further. The 5mm thick “Elephant Bark” can be used in a wide variety of different settings, from gyms and garages to commercial stores and studio settings. Installation of these rubber floor coverings is as simple as rolling them out and using double-sided adhesive tape (sold separately) to keep them from moving.