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Floor Protection Mats

Gyms can be quite a handful to maintain. They are full of various different types of exercise equipment that each come at very expensive price points. These machines are usually very heavy and made of thick, abrasive materials such as hard plastics and metals. Their presence can damage another very important part of your gym: the floors. Most existing gym floors are usually made of materials like wood or concrete. A gym is only as good as the floors that people work out on. After all, gyms are expensive investments.

You have to be active to shield your investments! Safeguard your gym room’s existing floors by installing affordable floor protection mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts. Our protective rubber mats will guard gym floors from heavy fitness equipment, dropped weights, and hard-hitting workouts. Rubber floors transform ordinary floors into fitness floors in an affordable fashion.

For the purpose of floor protection, rubber mats are incredibly durable because rubber is naturally an impact-absorbing surface. Consider for a moment the various different types of physically abrasive objects that are expected to come into contact with the floor. You have high volumes of foot-traffic, heavy and vibrating exercise equipment, and heavy weights that are dropped from high levels. Floors can suffer serious damage from these sources. These types of damage can include cracking and chipping and are often very expensive to repair. You need a durable surfacing option to safeguard your gym’s existing floors, and rubber is the perfect material for the job. Continue Reading Below

Floor Protection Mats


"Diamond Plate" Roll Rubber Matting

Price: $35.80 – $268.50

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"Elephant Bark" Rubberized Flooring

Price: $34.00 – $462.50

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"Dura-Chef 1/2-inch" Rubber Comfort Mats

Price: $48.00 – $79.00

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"Eco-Sport 3/4-inch" Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles

Price: $0.05 – $23.25

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"Eco-Sport 1-inch" Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles

Price: $0.05 – $25.41

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"Puzzle-Lock" Rubber Interlocking Mats

Price: $8.00

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"Dura-Chef 7/8-inch" Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Price: $82.00 – $133.00

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"Tuff-n-Lastic" Anti-Slip Flooring

Price: $24.00 – $180.00

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"Tuff-Flex" Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats

Price: $130.00

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"Maxx-Tuff" Heavy-Duty Mats

Price: $39.00 – $99.00

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"Shark Tooth" Heavy-Duty Floor Mat

Price: $39.00 – $109.00

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"Recycled Rubber Flooring" Rubber Rolls

Price: $26.25 – $135.00

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"Dura-Chef Interlock" Rubber Kitchen Mats

Price: $29.00 – $56.00

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"Armor Lock" Interlocking Rubber Tiles

Price: $21.00

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"Diamond-Grip" Rolled PVC Matting

Price: $50.04 – $500.40

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"Dura-Chef Octagon" Rubber Kitchen Mats

Price: $75.00

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"Block-Grip" PVC Flooring Rolls

Price: $50.04 – $500.40

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"Corrugated Fine Rib" Rubber Runner Mats

Price: $27.80 – $223.75

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"Coin-Grip" Rolls PVC Flooring

Price: $50.04 – $500.40

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"Corrugated Composite Rib" Rubber Runner Mats

Price: $27.80 – $223.75

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"Corrugated Ramp-Cleat" Rubber Runners

Price: $27.80 – $208.50

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"Corrugated Wide Rib" Rubber Runner Mats

Price: $27.80 – $223.75

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"Revolution" Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Price: $8.00 – $31.00

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"Safe-Grip" Anti-Slip Rubber Matting

Price: $49.30 – $197.52

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"Horse Stall Mat" Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat

Price: $80.00 – $90.00

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"Revolution Diamond-Plate" Interlocking Floor Tiles

Price: $8.00 – $35.00

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"ZCycle" Interlocking Rubber Tile

Price: $20.31

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"Armor-Lock (Fitness)" Interlocking Rubber Tile

Price: $12.00

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"Equine-Flex" Horse Stall Mat

Price: $90.00

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Rubber floor protection mats act as a shield between abrasive objects and sensitive surfaces. Our protective mats come in varying thickness gauge options. Larger gauges will be able to handle heavier weights. In addition all gauges both thin and thick will be able to provide a superior level of protection for your floors. Some of our products use recycled tire rubber in their composition. The type of rubber found in vehicles is very strong and meant for use in very physically demanding situations. Luckily for you, this physical resilience is carried over to the protective rubber matting when it is made. Having a recycled rubber product can handle some of the toughest workout regimens around, from cross-fit to aerobics.

Flooring made with tough rubber material is also elastic and comfortable. Our protective mats provide a soft floor cover that is much more forgiving than concrete, tile, or wood surfaces. You can enjoy workouts for longer periods of time because the elastic surfacing eases pressure placed on the joint and ankle areas of the feet. Place these mats under heavy machines and in areas where high-impact workouts take place; it’s an easy way to safeguard your expensive fitness equipment and your subfloors from long-term wear and tear!

Since most of our products are made from recycled tire crumb, these “Green” mats inherit the same high quality ingredients that make tires resilient in outdoor weather conditions. Install eco-friendly rubber mats and flooring in your gym for a long-term and cost-effective flooring solution that protects your investments. Floor protection mats that have “Green” rubber materials can be used for outdoor fitness activities in conditions involving both harsh sunlight and rain. Feel free to sweat on them, because their ability to handle moisture is better than most competing materials.

Protective rubber mats also absorb heavy shock, vibration, and noise. Placing rubber flooring in a home gym or commercial weight room will dampen noise and vibrations while machines are in use. This gives the machine longer life, since the elasticity of the floors will absorb most of the equipment’s impact. Call the Rubber Flooring Experts today, or browse our top-selling floor protection mats for home and commercial gyms!