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A spacious backyard can be the perfect place for a home playground. Installing a swing set is the easy part – ensuring the safety and comfort of your children can be a lot trickier. Everyone knows that kids play rough. Any parent or teacher knows that a child is prone to scraping their knees or breaking a bone when running around. For outdoor playtime applications like these, the Rubber Flooring Experts offer a variety of rubber outdoor play mats that provide the best in safety, cost, and resilience for any backyard playground area.

Our outside rubber matting for playgrounds is designed to be the best in safety and comfort. Kids are always falling off of swings and other playground equipment. It is very important for them to have a safe surface to land on. Concrete, dirt, and asphalt are common types of playground flooring but they are not elastic or forgiving. They are truly unacceptable choices for playground surfacing. Rubber, on the other hand, is far more preferable precisely because of the elastic comfort that it brings to a play area. These thick rubber tiles contain elastic material that can flex to absorb shock and heavy vibration. This elasticity allows the outdoor playground matting to take in the shock of a fall. We offer outdoor play mats that range in thickness from ¼-inch to 2.5-inch. Depending on the nature of your play area you can choose a product to fit any variety of needs and budgets.

Our outdoor playground matting is extremely resilient and cost effective. This is thanks to the recycled rubber material used to make our products. One very useful trait in our recycled rubber outdoor play mats is their durability. This durability is inherited from the vehicle tires that make up our products. Just as tires can handle the extreme physical rigors of road travel, our outside rubber matting products can take abuse from repetitive foot traffic and heavy weights. Continue Reading Below

Our products can survive roughhousing and heavy wear that is bound to take place with kids around! Our mats combine excellent durability with affordable prices, making their value a sound investment for any backyard play area.

Outdoor play mats will provide unbeatable protection in any weather during any season. Rubber is able to endure various outdoor environmental factors such as moisture, UV rays, and ozone. This is especially true of recycled rubber. Since it is mostly made from tires, a product that is constantly exposed to the elements, recycled rubber can be left in the outdoors without you having to worry about it’s structural integrity. After all, these are outdoor play mats for a reason! Moisture from rain and snow can come into contact with the rubber without developing mold or mildew, making the outdoor playground matting a healthier and safer surface for children to be on.

When it comes to safe surfacing, traction is highly desirable. When kids are playing on surfaces like concrete or asphalt, their feet have no grip. The chance of a slip and fall accident occurring over the surfaces is significant. Falling on a hard surface can lead to potentially life threatening injuries that no parent or child should have to go through. To safeguard the well being of your children, use outdoor play mats made of rubber. Rubber is a material that comes with a high coefficient of friction. More friction means more grip. A child is far less likely to slip and fall while running around on outside rubber matting. Even if they do fall, the rubber material of the outdoor play mats is soft enough to cushion their fall.

You do not need to pay for professional installation because you can purchase our rubber flooring in an interlocking tile format. The interlocking tiles are an easy “DIY project” which makes the cost of ownership far less than other competing products. They are meant to facilitate easy installations by their very design. Interlocking outdoor play mats come with connector pins that are meant to hold the tile mats together. The best part about having modular flooring like the tiles is that they can be moved around from one area to another as needed.

Play areas around the country are beginning to invest in safer surfacing for their children. Whether yours is in your home or a school, consider the benefits that they will bring to the kids. Don’t let a nasty injury stop them from enjoying this period in their lives. Find the outdoor play mats that are right for your backyard by browsing our top-selling items or contacting a Rubber Flooring Expert today!