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Rubber Interlocking Tiles

Who wants to pay for professional installation? Paying someone to install rubber flooring is an unnecessary cost. The Rubber Flooring Experts have a solution: durable rubber interlocking tiles. Take flooring into your own hands! This Do-It-Yourself modular flooring is incredibly easy to install, resilient, and cost effective.

Our interlocking rubber matting is available in puzzle-style pieces that require only a simple installation. Once you have purchased the correct number of tiles for the size of your room, assemble the tiles by fitting their interconnecting tabs together then simply trim the edges of the entire floor so that it fits seamlessly against any walls or barriers. The result will be a smooth modular floor without the need for messy adhesives, excess material, or professional installers.

Rubber interlocking tiles aren’t just easy to install; they are also durable and long lasting. Our modular flooring is made with resilient and water-resistant rubber. In cold garages, damp basements, or abrasive home gyms, an elastic rubber floor is a tough protective cover for hardwood, concrete, and linoleum. Even outdoors, recycled rubber tiles form a UV-resistant, all-weather rubber surface that protects decks and patios over time.

Interlocking rubber matting is durable and easy to install as a great protective floor solution. Save yourself the costs of replacement, professional installation, and wasted material; buy one of the most cost-effective rubber flooring options available! Have you decided which rubber floors are best for you? Explore our top-selling products or contact one of our Rubber Flooring Experts today!

Our rubber rolls are another popular type of durable and protective flooring. Rubber flooring can increase the life expectancy of the floors already in place by protecting them from damage. Available in pre-cut and custom-cut lengths up to 50 feet, rolled rubber flooring is a customizable product with a DIY design. Purchasing rubber rolls to fit the dimensions of your room or area makes customization to fulfill your needs easy. Whether they are made with recycled tires, tough reclaimed rubber, or natural rubber flooring rolls, our products cover interior and exterior surfaces with a seamless rubber barrier to prevent weathering, water damage, dents, and other common flooring problems.

The eco-friendly rubberized floor tiles or rolls found in our rubber floors are produced for a world of applications. Browse our top-selling items or refine your search by choosing a specific rubber flooring type!